Turku, Silja Line terminal.

Tickets Lehtimäki Matkat:
Phone +358 207 509 509

HOX! Age limit 18 years.


Paid order can not be cancelled, but you can change passengers name:

  • 0 € if informed to Lehtimäki before 4 pm on Friday 28th of December 2018.
  • 20 € service fee if informed after 4 pm on Friday 28th of December 2018 and latest on departure date at the terminal at 5.30 pm to 7 pm.

When changing name at the terminal, you must inform us the following details:

  • Reservation number
  • Departure date
  • Original passengers name birth date
  • New passengers name and birth date

Pleace notice if you make the name change at the terminal, you must present a participant sertificate. HOX! Remember to take a receipt of the service fee payment along or the exact amount of cash (no card payments).

Force majeure cancellations

  • Doctors sertificate is valid, service fee 20€ and office fee 12€ are charged. Contact immediately Lehtimäki. Travel incurance is recommended.


Check-in counters are open at 5.30 pm until 7 pm.

GOOM envelopes are picked up by following instructions:

  • If arriving to the terminal by Lehtimäki buses: Driver will pick up the envelopes and hand them to the passengers
  • Other passengers: Reserver picks up the envelopes for the whole reservation

Check-in counters are divided by the reservers last name alphabetically.

In GOOM envelopes you will find the cabin cards for each departure, GOOM coverall patches, Silja Food vouchers according to your reservations, GOOM program and other material needed.

Your own alcohon beverages or other opened drinks are not allowed on the cruise ship. All the beverages and juice cans etc. over 0,33 l are not allowed. Also bringing food (NOT including small takeaways like chips, biscuits and sandwithces) is forbidden.

Before boarding there is a security and baggage check. If you try to smuggle unallowed items to the ship, you will not be able to board the ship.

Pleace notice you need to present your cabin card and passport/ID at the security check.

We recommend you to pack your luggage lightly and instead bring tons of good spirit!


If you book both departures together, it is SuperGOOM!

On SuperGOOM you will stay in the same cabin for the whole trip. SuperGOOM cabins are not cleaned in between cruises, but if requested, trash bins are emptied and toilet paper refilled. For the terminal time (Turku 4th of Feb at 7 pm until 7.30 pm) everyone must arrive to the "ship turnoround party" at the night club (Starlight on deck 6). At the door passport (ID and cabin card must be presented. Remember to take the right one, 4th of Feb departure. All the cabins and other areas of the ship are checked by the security. All the hiding travellers and other travellers NOT in the night club are taken to the terminal and entering to the following GOOM cruises is banned.

If you buy departures separately, it is not SuperGOOM and you must go to the terminal in between the cruises to get your new cabin card.


  • Smoking is only allowed in the smokin areas, not in the cabins or corridors!
  • Crowdsurfing and climbing on shoulders is not allowed for the safety
  • It is not allowed to consume alcohol beverages bought at the ship's TaxFree shop during the cruise
  • Drug abuse is strictly not allowed
  • If not following instructions by security, the passenger can be denied to board the ship, removed at the next port or held in custodity for the rest of the cruise.
  • Every passenger is liable for the intentional damage caused by them. If damage is serious, police report will be filled. There is recording security surveillance on board.

Please follow GOOM cruise rules, so it will be arranged in the future as well! Treat the cruise ship with respect as well as the staff on board. Thank you for your consideration.

Along with all the rules above, the regulations by Tallink Silja Oy will be followed.


TaxFree shop is open on the evening of departure (no sale of alcohol beverages). On return day TaxFree shop will open at 9 am and close 15 minutes before arriving to the port (normal selection and normal prices).

HOX! In the shop there will be no sale of alcohol beverages on the evening of departure. All the bars, restaurants and extra sales spots have special GOOM offers!


GOOM DJ's will make the party people dance all night and day! If you really really want to sleep part of the cruise remember to bring ear plugs. Take care of your friends! Participate in GOOM competitions - that's how you get the craziest GOOM memories. There are organizers photographers, if you don't want to be in the pictures/videos, please talk to the photographers.

Nelonen Media Live Oy is responsible for organizing the cruise. Responsible travel agency is Lehtimäki Matkat. Package travel act and terms below apply on the cruise. Tallink Silja Oy is responsible for ship operations and their carriage terms apply for the cruise. 

If GOOM departure will be cancelled due to weather condition, fire, shipwreck, war or other force majeure reason, organizers responsibility is limited to the ticket price.

Bring enough cash! Credit cards are accepted, but Visa Electron might not be fully functioning at the sea. 

Pleace notice the baggage weight limit 20 kg for the buses.

Possible changes for the information on this page fill be found in final GOOM 2019 program. Artists without obligation.

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